The MISSION of the School Arcàngel Sant Rafel is to educate and shape students from a Christian Humanist perspective and to try and make learning a dialogue between faith, culture, and life in an environment formed by the Christian experience.

The head entity, when promoting the school, wants to highlight the value of the person. We consider the task of education a service and an attention to students. By encouraging the values of generosity and donation to others, we want to show them close charity.

The school is to educate and train the spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual dimensions of our pupils to achieve a solid training.

This mission includes the commitment and effort from the school direction and all our educational staff to on-going training and improvement to achieve this mission.

VISION of the school Arcàngel Sant Rafel.

We want to be a Christian education Centre and a reference of quality, in integral education for our students. Moreover, we like to offer a family atmosphere and an organization which consist of:

  • Achieving a good competence academic level, study habits amd motivation for well done work.
  • The cultivation of human values and openness to Christian experience.
  • Coexistence, discipline and organization, in a suitable climate for teaching and learning.
  • Pomoting our own language and also English.
  • Collaboration and involvement of families in our educational project.
  • A human team to develop to the full its powers; also innovating and motivating and being able to work in teams, which is also identified with the Centre’s mission.

The organizational culture of the School Arcàngel Sant Rafel, the atmosphere of its relationships, and the behavior of its educational community comply with the following ULTIMATE VIRTUES:

  • The belief that every person is worth more than his or her material wealth.
  • Respect everyone, whatever their actions or ideas may be.
  • Solidarity, and perhaps more radically, fellowship with everyone, striving to see them as children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Peace, loving relationships between all men and women and communities; with a spirit of openness, communication, and flexibility, far from all forms of violence


In order to achieve our goal, The School Arcàngel Sant Rafel teaches the following ESSENTIAL VIRTUES:

  • Personal responsibility, a sense of duty, the notion that work benefits your personal life and is an essential contribution to society.
  • A sense of justice and cooperation in relationships, and in social, economic, and political structures.
  • Personal freedom; respect for the freedom of others; concern and distain for any restrictions, manipulation, and oppression of the freedoms of individuals, groups, and communities.
  • A positive outlook toward humanity and the human experience; always inspiring hope, happiness, and discernment must be a characteristic of both the teachers and the students.
  • Communication, openness, authenticity, responsibility, logic, self-reliance, simplicity, respect, tolerance, compassion, and a spirit of service and generosity. 
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